Welcome to Royal Tudor’s website. Royal Tudor or ‘RT’ was the ‘last proper wooden boat built in Norwich’. She was built in 1960 by E. Royall in the small shed at the back of the Ferry Inn, King Street where Earnest Royall started the family firm in 1949 by designing and building his own fleet of wooden hire boats. Royal Tudor is numbered 2372 on the National Register of Historic Small Craft held by the National Maritime Museum.

This website not only serves to document the restoration of Royal Tudor, as well as wooden boats in general, but also my love and fascination for all things Broadland related. I have a particular interest in history and archaeology, wildlife, art, angling, photography and filmography…all of which will feature as the site grows.

Readers please note that although I support the work of the Broads Authority in maintaining the Broads for all, I am not in favour of the current re-branding of Broadland as a National Park. The Broads are NOT a National Park, they are SO MUCH MORE!

Royal Tudor circa 1965

Royal Tudor circa 1965 on a gloriously sunny Oulton Broad for the Heywood family holiday. Image courtesy of Philip Heywood.

Promotional Photograph 1960's

A resplendent Royal Tudor, with her original hard top canopy down, in a promotional photograph circa 1960.

The History of Royal Tudor

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Royal Tudor 1970's

Royal Tudor at the Hoveton Yard of Royalls in the 1970’s with her new soft top canopy, recently restored 2015.